Worth Ability

Ruth Moore

33 Sun St, Haworth, Keighley BD22 8BS


 Telephone :- 01535 644496


In your own home

Where do you need help?


If you have a disability or a problem with mobility which makes it difficult to get around in your home,

such as getting into and out of the bath or moving about, we can help you find solutions.  

We have a range of equipment designed to make independent living easier,

such as riser recline chairs, bath lifts, shower seats, walkers and kitchen gadgets.

Call in to have a look at our independent living equipment or if you are unable to get to the Centre,

 get in touch to arrange for us to visit you at home.













We have a large variety of equipment designed to help those who have difficulty using standard cutlery or kitchen equipment due to illness or disability.

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There is equipment available that can be installed at reasonable prices in order to make washing, toileting needs and getting around in the bathroom much easier. At Cornwall Mobility we have facilities where you can try before you buy so that you can get a fuller understanding of what is available and what will suit your requirements and budget.

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Living room

We have specialist seating which is made to fit you, to make sitting comfortably easier. We also have equipment to help with leisure activities such as card games, reading, or watching TV.

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There is equipment available that aids in dressing and undressing, and a range of beds we can recommend that can help benefit posture, and even assist in getting you in and out. Or maybe you only require a simpler solution to add to your existing bed. Talk to us and we will help you find that solution.

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Keeping in touch

If you have problems with hearing, sight, mobility or dexterity we have a range of phones specially designed to help you keep in touch with friends and family.